March 23rd, 2020

We are living in difficult times and adapting to an ever-changing situation makes it all the more challenging.  What remains the same amidst the uncertainty is Gestion ADC’s commitment to upholding the safety and security of our employees, clients, partners and communities.  We are taking a strict stance in the face of adversity by taking a calm, reflective and proactive approach while maintaining the same quality of service that you have come to expect from us. Our unwavering commitment to a safety conscious culture through effective, transparent and constant communication will continue.

Aside from convening an emergency response team that meets regularly, we have put in place the following measures to ensure our collective safety:

Continuous Communication with:

  • Employees to assess for their physical and mental well-being, potential exposure and ability to continue to work
  • On-site managers to ensure that the most rigorous protocols and procedures are put in place, are respected and are enforced
  • Clients to understand how they are being affected, how we need to adapt to their specific situations to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Partners, sister organizations and communities to share best practices and resources
  • Suppliers to know ensure supply-chain, availability and on-time delivery of products
  • Industry leaders for best practices and products via webinars and specialized training

Imposing rigorous procedures and protocols:

  • For cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing practices at all our sites
  • Monitoring the evolution at each site
  • Distribution of emergency kits to our sites and communities to help combat a potential outbreak

We are doing everything possible to accommodate individual circumstances to ensure continued operation and appreciate everyone’s efforts in dealing with this unprecedented situation.



Gestion ADC

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